Clinical Trial: Cord Blood Stem Cells to Treat Cerebral Palsy in Children

By Cell Therapy Foundation on Apr 21, 2014
Cord Blood Registry announces the launch of an FDA-regulated clinical trial being conducted at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to investigate two forms of stem cell therapy in children diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The randomized, placebo-controlled study aims to compare the safety and efficacy of an intravenous infusion of cord blood stem cells to bone marrow stem cells. 

Stem Cells: Addressing Controversy

By Cell Therapy Foundation on Apr 21, 2014
Due to their controversial nature and highly-charged political debates in past years, the embryonic stem cell is perhaps the most well-known type of stem cell.  The generation of embryonic stem cells involves destruction (or at least manipulation) of the pre-implantation stage embryo. Because embryonic stem cells can only be derived from embryos, it has so far not been feasible to create patient-matched embryonic stem cell lines. Cell Therapy Foundation does not support the use of embryonic stem cells.


By Cell Therapy Foundation on Apr 21, 2014
Induced pluripotent cells (iPS) are stem cells that can be generated directly from adult cells. Similar to embryonic stem cells, iPS cells can multiply indefinitely and represent a single source of cells, such as heart, neural, pancreatic and liver, that can be used to replace damaged cells. However, unlike embryonic cells, iPS cells are derived from uncontroversial materials.

We know it sounds weird...

By Cell Therapy Foundation on Apr 21, 2014
...but researchers are trying to keep cancer stem cells ALIVE!

(So that they can study them, of course!)
Two new chemical compounds that can keep alive cultures of leukemic stem cells have recently been discovered by a team from Canada. The discovery opens the way to the identification of new cancer drugs to fight acute myeloid leukemia, one of the most aggressive forms of blood cancer.


By Cell Therapy Foundation on Apr 21, 2014
Unfortunately, misconceptions about blood stem cell donation hold many back from registering as potential blood stem cell donors.  Allow us to bust some of the most common misconceptions.... 
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